I’m a landscaping queen.

OK, I’m not really a landscaping queen.  In fact, I’m a total wanna be and a bit of a IMG_20130527_152756_764putz when it comes to growing anything.  But, I’m learning!  A couple of weeks back I planted my first garden and I’m proud to report that the plants have tripled in size.  Yes, tripled!  However, I can’t take credit.  It’s all thanks to that dang mother nature.  She has been a total basket case lately and hasn’t let up on the rain.  Boooo.  Hiiisssss.  I guess the good news is that I haven’t had to water anything myself which is obviously why it’s doing so well.

After I planted my first garden, I got the itch to do something about the eye sore of a space by our shed.  It had 4 sad-looking hostas  which I had dropped into the ground and did nothing with.  I literally dug holes in the grass and plopped them in.  Totally trashy.  So, instead of pouting about how it looked, I grabbed the hubby and headed to the Home Depot.  We picked up some cute pavers and a couple of plants.  I had leftover cedar chips at home so only had to spend about $50.

I tore up the grass, turned over the soil, laid the pavers, dug some holes and plopped in the new plants.  I was even able to salvage 2 of the hostas and they are looking great.

Up next?  Who knows.  You will likely just see food blogs for the rest of the summer and maybe a post or two about my thriving (or dying) garden.  Oh, and a BIG announcement about an upcoming event we are participating in next September. More to come!

P.S. When I used the word “putz”, I thought I had better Google it to ensure it meant what I was trying to say.  Apparently it means “A stupid or worthless person.”.  Totally cracked me up.  Verdict was to leave it in the post 🙂



Pipe turned towel rack…again!


The good thing about having an old cabin that needs a ton of work, is that you can tryphoto-2 some things you usually wouldn’t in a newer home.  Hand crafted items fit a little better in an older cabin.  A while back, we made the Vintage Ski’s turned towel rack for our condo in the city.  It is adorable.  This time around, I wanted to make towel racks for the cabin using the same pipe.  

The existing towel racks drove me crazy.  They wouldn’t tighten all the way so about 1/2 the time, they would fall off the wall when we hung towels.  A metal bar hitting the tile floor doesn’t exactly make for a peaceful shower experience.  I had enough so went to Home Depot and purchased wood, paint and pipe supplies.

This was a pretty quick and easy project.  My husband made a couple cuts to the wood, I sanded the edges so I wouldn’t get slivers, painted the boards white, assembled the pipe pieces, and hung them up.  While I wouldn’t put these in our city condo, they look adorable in the cabin.  Don’t you think?










Bedroom dresser gone wild!

Well “gone wild” is a bit of an exaggeration.  I mean the paint colors “Almond Brittle” andDresser After “Borough Brown” don’t exactly scream wild, risky or anything but plain and safe.  However, for a girl who was raised on the fact that you stain wood and NEVER paint wood, this project was a little “wild” for me.

I had this dresser in my bedroom when I was a little girl and all through high school (Mom – do you have any pics of this in my old teal sponge painted bedroom?  I would love a copy if you do!).  When we purchased our cabin last year, I refused to spend a ton of money on filling it up with furniture.  Free, cheep and creative were the name of the game.  So when my parents let me have my childhood dresser, I was thrilled!  It sat in our cabin bedroom for the last year begging for a face lift.  While I can be impulsive with some things, decorating my home is not one of them.  I like to make the right decisions on where my money goes because I know I can’t keep buying new things all the time.

I finally determined a sanding and fresh coat of paint was the way to go.  I still had all the original hardware so used that to help maintain some integrity of the piece.  It only took me one day to sand and re-paint the dresser.  How did it turn out?  I’m OBSESSED with it.  And to my friends, NO, I didn’t spray paint it.  I used an actually roller and real paint.  Below are before and after pics, let me know what you think!

Dresser Before

Dresser After

Brand spankin’ new dock panels

Our cozy cabin came with a great dock frame, quite handy for the boat we don’t have.  However, the dock panels left a little something to be desired.  Oh wait, correction, a LOT to be desired.  A friend actually fell through the old rotten cedar dock last year.  Oops.

Crappy old dock boards

Last fall I posted “GET OUT of the lake DOCK!!“.  This time around, it’s all about our adventure of making new dock panels.  To get my point across best, I thought I would use my recruiting skills to interview myself…

Have you done this before, built dock boards?  Nope, never.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking


Did you have a plan?  Kind of.  We made a little blueprint as to how much decking to buy and what cuts we needed to make.  From there, we basically winged it.  Just like I do when quilting.

Dock board frame

Do you have good construction skills?  Not really.  My dad does so I’ll consider it in my blood.

168 cuts with the saw

Why would you attempt to build new dock panels on your own with no  experience or help?  It saved us a good $1500!   Oh, and we didn’t want any more people to fall through the dock.

1 finished panel

How long did it take?  I have serious time estimation issues when it comes to home improvement projects.  I honestly thought we could do it in one day (Chris did not).  Two full weekends later (4 – 8 hour days) we had it done.  I even spent my 5 year wedding anniversary building this.  I know…dedicated.  We made over 186 cuts, drilled in 1000+ decking screws and had to hand glue and hammer in 336 end caps.

21 finished dock panels!

Wow, sounds like a ton of work.  Was it worth it?  Totally.  We used composite decking so hopefully it will last many years.  Surprisingly, they all came out square, level and we didn’t mess up once.  A total miracle.

New dock in the background

P.S. The little cutie pie Friench Bulldog above is Burton.  He is the reason for my lack of blog posts.  He has required undivided attention 🙂

Chalkboard paint: not just for children

Yeah…that’s right, I have painted 3 (yes 3) mirrors with chalkboard paint in the last month. And let
me tell you what, they are adorable. I found the most unique mirror (and inexpensive $24.99) at Home Goods that has cute doors that swing open and shut which look like shutters! While it’s a little more county than the style I lean towards, it’s perfect for a menu board in the kitchen at the cabin.

It started out as a mirror and I simply used chalkboard paint to update its look. I started by trying to tape off everything I didn’t want covered in the paint. That is until my husband nicely suggested I just use a screwdriver to remove the mirror eliminating the need for tape and plastic bags. Not sure why i didn’t think of that myself. Total blond moment. It’s why we are a good team 🙂

I then decorated a mason jar with cute ribbon and feathers, filled it with colorful chalk and whala!! Amazingly cute menu board for my kitchen. Whatcha think?




21 to 31 – Lamp Style

What’s my inspiration?

Rosette lamp shade

I have been hauling around a very unique lamp with a fire engine red, feathered shade since before I was married (my husband gave it to me while we were dating).  The style is very reminiscent of my 20’s – contemporary with a touch of ‘over the top’.  For some reason I kept this lamp around knowing that someday, it would be useful again.  This year, I finally found a home for it in the  bedroom at the cabin.  Of course, it needed a full make over to suit my new, more mature 31-year-old style. (Yes friends, I called my self mature…stop laughing).  A can of blue spray paint, a new lamp shade and some home-made rosettes was all it needed. Oh, and lets not forget rhinestones.  


While the bedroom pillows I made were lucky enough to avoid my bedazzeling tendency’s, this 31-year-old can’t fully escape my 20’s. Bedazzled lamp shade it is.  Plus, don’t you think it is adorable with my bedroom quilt & pillows?

Quilt & Pillows

What you need:

Old Red Feathered Lamp Shade

  • 1 old lamp
  • 1 lamp shade
  • 3 fabric rosettes
  • Rhinestones
  • Hot Glue

What you do:

  • Clean base of lamp
  • Spray paint base of lamp with color of choice
  • Make fabric rosettes (tutorial here)
  • Hot glue fabric rosettes onto lamp shade
  • Whala!
FYI: How to make fabric rosettes

Bedazzled Rosettes

Ruffles & Fabric Rosettes = Cute Pillows!

What’s my inspiration:

I’m seemingly obsessed with cute decorative pillows.  Ok, I’m totally obsessed with cute decorative pillows.  And really, who cares how much time I spend taking them on and off the bed.  They are totally adorable to look at.  Once again I found some amazing fabric at S&R Harris that would give our dark cabin bedroom some casual flair.  I guess swapping the maroon paint with a shade of green helped too.  And here is the best part; because I made these for our cabin and not our condo, my husband gave me the OK to use ruffles and flowers. A BONUS that would never fly at the condo where we have a much more modern, sleek style.  Plus, I actually did hold back some when making these.  I didn’t bedazzle them with rhinestones (although the lamp shade wasn’t so lucky – post to come later!) 

When putting together my plan for these pillows, I found inspiration on Pinterest then taught myself how to make fabric rosettes (thank you YouTube!).  I stacked them on top of a lovely quilt I made and the bed turned out beautifully if I don’t say so myself.  Whatcha think?

Ruffled Pillow