Red Bull Flugtag 2013, Chicago!

Red Bull Flugtag is back baby!  If you remember 2010, we were team “Sprocket Rockets” 38470_415417807930_2595556_naka “The Jetsons”.  You can read about our last adventure if you missed it!  This time around, we are packing a punch with some hilarity as Team CaddyShack Attack bringing Bill Murray and that pesky gopher to Chicago.  

Step one, application.  We didn’t have a dang clue what it took to gain entry in 2010 when we applied, but obviously made an impression and got in.  I think part of the “impression” we made was at the 2010 selection party.  Some guy approached Erin and me while we admired our sketch on display among 425 others.  Then he told us he was head of the selection committee for Red Bull.  Erin proceeded to laugh at him and then accuse him of “hitting on us”.  We later found out he was head of the selection committee.  Luckily, we flirted our way out of that one.  Entry gained.

Being that Flugtag is in Chicago this year (we live in Minnesota) and we won’t have the opportunity to laugh at, mock and save ourselves by flirting with the selection guy, we had to bring the heat in another way via the application process.  So we took the same approach but kicked it up a notch and added a bit more humor.  

In case you are wondering what it takes to get into Flugtag, I thought I would share our approach and application.  First, you need a theme.  Both years we searched high and low for a theme that hasn’t been done before and is something everyone knows (Jetsons, CaddyShack, etc.).  Red Bull only requires you answer a few basic questions and submit a sketch online.  They do imply other approaches (pictures, video, etc), but don’t require it.  As in life if you half-ass your approach to things you want, you don’t get the results you want.  Enter…creative writing and iMovie (thank you MacBook Pro!).  We kept the application on the down low in case we didn’t’ get it.  But, we got the call from Red Bull saying we were in and they loved our theme!  And that folks, is how you get into Red Bull Flugtag!  

Follow us along during our journey to launch September 21st.  And if you have any wheels, chicken wire or fake fur lying around, we will take it!

Application Video:


What’s the concept behind your craft?

Caddyshack!!  We searched high and low for a theme that would have mass crowd appeal and hasn’t been done before.  We think we found that theme!  Caddyshack the movie is incredibly popular and allows for us to build a giant, hilarious gopher to ride.  Plus, we can create hot-sexy golf themed outfits and dance to a popular and catchy tune!  We can build this bad ass ride using chicken wire, paper mache, wood, foam and hay (for the gophers fur spray painted brown)!  It’s going to be hilarious and awesome rolled into one.

Why should we pick you?

For us, RedBull Flugtag is sheer entertainment and to provide that, you need adrenaline seeking people who are outgoing and willing to go above and beyond to amaze a crowd.  We can do that.  Last time around, we were delusional and thought we could fly.  This time around, we are aiming for pure entertainment and best crash.   In addition, we have an award-winning choreographer to give us the best dance you have seen.  Last time around, we took the same approach and heard over and over “You had the best dance!”

We have known each other for a long time and know what it takes to build a sweet whip.  We have the same team as 2010 and promise to be back in style, better than ever.   Pick us again, and you will not be disappointed!  It can’t hurt to have crafty Flugtag veterans who know what it takes to get the job done right??


Melissa, Erin, Jackie, Chris, Nik


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