I’m a landscaping queen.

OK, I’m not really a landscaping queen.  In fact, I’m a total wanna be and a bit of a IMG_20130527_152756_764putz when it comes to growing anything.  But, I’m learning!  A couple of weeks back I planted my first garden and I’m proud to report that the plants have tripled in size.  Yes, tripled!  However, I can’t take credit.  It’s all thanks to that dang mother nature.  She has been a total basket case lately and hasn’t let up on the rain.  Boooo.  Hiiisssss.  I guess the good news is that I haven’t had to water anything myself which is obviously why it’s doing so well.

After I planted my first garden, I got the itch to do something about the eye sore of a space by our shed.  It had 4 sad-looking hostas  which I had dropped into the ground and did nothing with.  I literally dug holes in the grass and plopped them in.  Totally trashy.  So, instead of pouting about how it looked, I grabbed the hubby and headed to the Home Depot.  We picked up some cute pavers and a couple of plants.  I had leftover cedar chips at home so only had to spend about $50.

I tore up the grass, turned over the soil, laid the pavers, dug some holes and plopped in the new plants.  I was even able to salvage 2 of the hostas and they are looking great.

Up next?  Who knows.  You will likely just see food blogs for the rest of the summer and maybe a post or two about my thriving (or dying) garden.  Oh, and a BIG announcement about an upcoming event we are participating in next September. More to come!

P.S. When I used the word “putz”, I thought I had better Google it to ensure it meant what I was trying to say.  Apparently it means “A stupid or worthless person.”.  Totally cracked me up.  Verdict was to leave it in the post 🙂



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