Eeeek…it’s my 1st garden!

It’s no secret I love to cook. And being able to have fresh picked ingredients for my meals is a dream. But this girl isn’t known for having a green thumb. In fact, my hubby typically takes care of watering the indoor plants. However, now that we live in “the cabin” full time and I actually have a yard, this year it was time. Time to have my own farm fresh ingredients grown by me!

I am starting with more of a simple garden with plants I am hoping are easier to grow since they need full sun. And full sun I have! I planted tomatoes, jalapeño and cilantro so I can make fresh pico de gallo. I planted basil for my favorite caprese salad and chives just because I can use them on anything.

I vow to water my garden and only cook the best of dishes with my ingredients. If anyone has any tips for me as I embark on this new adventure, please share!

Happy Sunday everyone!





4 thoughts on “Eeeek…it’s my 1st garden!

  1. If you need more ideas for your gardens let me know. I have done a lot of square foot gardening and some lateral gardening both are great for small areas. Julie

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