Pipe turned towel rack…again!


The good thing about having an old cabin that needs a ton of work, is that you can tryphoto-2 some things you usually wouldn’t in a newer home.  Hand crafted items fit a little better in an older cabin.  A while back, we made the Vintage Ski’s turned towel rack for our condo in the city.  It is adorable.  This time around, I wanted to make towel racks for the cabin using the same pipe.  

The existing towel racks drove me crazy.  They wouldn’t tighten all the way so about 1/2 the time, they would fall off the wall when we hung towels.  A metal bar hitting the tile floor doesn’t exactly make for a peaceful shower experience.  I had enough so went to Home Depot and purchased wood, paint and pipe supplies.

This was a pretty quick and easy project.  My husband made a couple cuts to the wood, I sanded the edges so I wouldn’t get slivers, painted the boards white, assembled the pipe pieces, and hung them up.  While I wouldn’t put these in our city condo, they look adorable in the cabin.  Don’t you think?











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