My favorite things of 2012

Another year has passed and I am ever so thankful for a healthy family, an amazing husband, good friends, great job and comfortable home.  2012 was a fun year, much of which was spent learning about my new Frenchie, Burton, and cooking up a storm!  I have a few standout “favorite things” from 2012 as well.  Here they are!

French Bulldogs: I finally wore down my husband and he let me get my dream dog.  LOVE my little frenchie Burton…isn’t he cute?

Me and Burton

Me and Burton

Burton at 9 weeks

Burton at 9 weeks

Canned tomatoes: I made these for the first time this year.  SO DANG GOOD!

J.Lohr Chardonnay: Found a great new chardonnay this year thanks to a wine tasting party!


Kitchen Window: I discovered this store late in 2012 when I went to a Thai cooking class.  The retail store has everything you could need and want for your kitchen at reasonable prices.  Awesome!

New Girl: This show totally cracks me up.  I literally bust out laughing multiple times during the short 30 minutes it’s on.  It actually gives Modern Family a run for it’s money too (Gasp!!  It’s true!)


Old Navy fleece PJ pants: I know what you are thinking…sexy!  But these are cheep ($5-7/pair) and they are so warm!  Much needed when you live in Minnesota.
Women's Performance Fleece PJ Pants - Blue Zebras

What were your favorite things of 2012?


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