Christmas Centerpiece

We spend most our weekends at the cabin, it’s a small and cozy, relaxing space. photo-2 However, we don’t have any Christmas decorations for the cabin!  Gasp…the horror!!  Decorations are a MUST have at Christmas time and help make the season even more special.

Since we aren’t at the cabin during the week, a Christmas tree was out of the question. It would die without water!  Furthermore, it wouldn’t fit and a fake tree is not an option for this girl.

In order to get the Christmas tree feel, I got creative and made a huge centerpiece that feels a little bit like having a tree in the house.  The best part, it was inexpensive and fun to make.

  • Vase: $12.99 at HomeGoods (I can use this year round!)
  • Christmas Sprays ($0.39-$0.99 ea.): $3.00 at Michael’s (reusable) 
  • Red Sparkling Sprays: $5.99 at Michael’s (reusable)
  • Pine Bows: $12.99 (If you have pine trees, these could be free!)
  • Battery Operated Lights: $2.99
  • Total: $38*

*It only costs this much year 1.  Next year, I will have everything but the Pine Bows! 

Another cheep decoration, pine bows in mason jars only $2.00!  Watch out Martha Stewart!



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