***Deal Alert – Wusthof Knives***

I’m obsessed with my Wusthof knives at home.  I have a set of Wusthof classics from my wedding in 2007 and they were the best thing I registered for.  Yes, they are spendy.  But if you cook, it saves you time in the kitchen due to the sharpness of the blade.  Plus, it saves your wrists if you do lots of chopping.  Totally worth the investment!

At the cabin, I had some random knives that I scraped up because I couldn’t afford to buy another set of amazing knives. But then I stumbled on the most amazing deal.  A set of Wusthof knives on sale at Macy’s!  They are not Wusthof’s top of the line knife, but they are still really decent.  They were originally $299 for the box set and I recently got them on sale for $119!  Yup, pretty awesome.

I’m sure the deal won’t last so better buy them while you can!

**The were originally $299 on sale for $199 and then an extra 40% off in the store = $119**

Here are the knives at Macy’s: Silverpoint II 18 piece set


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