Brand spankin’ new dock panels

Our cozy cabin came with a great dock frame, quite handy for the boat we don’t have.  However, the dock panels left a little something to be desired.  Oh wait, correction, a LOT to be desired.  A friend actually fell through the old rotten cedar dock last year.  Oops.

Crappy old dock boards

Last fall I posted “GET OUT of the lake DOCK!!“.  This time around, it’s all about our adventure of making new dock panels.  To get my point across best, I thought I would use my recruiting skills to interview myself…

Have you done this before, built dock boards?  Nope, never.

Composite Decking

Composite Decking


Did you have a plan?  Kind of.  We made a little blueprint as to how much decking to buy and what cuts we needed to make.  From there, we basically winged it.  Just like I do when quilting.

Dock board frame

Do you have good construction skills?  Not really.  My dad does so I’ll consider it in my blood.

168 cuts with the saw

Why would you attempt to build new dock panels on your own with no  experience or help?  It saved us a good $1500!   Oh, and we didn’t want any more people to fall through the dock.

1 finished panel

How long did it take?  I have serious time estimation issues when it comes to home improvement projects.  I honestly thought we could do it in one day (Chris did not).  Two full weekends later (4 – 8 hour days) we had it done.  I even spent my 5 year wedding anniversary building this.  I know…dedicated.  We made over 186 cuts, drilled in 1000+ decking screws and had to hand glue and hammer in 336 end caps.

21 finished dock panels!

Wow, sounds like a ton of work.  Was it worth it?  Totally.  We used composite decking so hopefully it will last many years.  Surprisingly, they all came out square, level and we didn’t mess up once.  A total miracle.

New dock in the background

P.S. The little cutie pie Friench Bulldog above is Burton.  He is the reason for my lack of blog posts.  He has required undivided attention 🙂


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