Goodbye my sweet Teeka

When in high school, I begged and begged my parents to let me get a kitty.  After much persistence, I picked out the cutest orange and white kitty at the humane society.  There were quite a few kitties available, but when they were put in the room, Teeka ran right up to me and crawled up my leg.  That was all it took to pick out the right one for me.

Teeka was with me during high school and then after college and was the sweetest thing.  She came close to death when she somehow got into the garage rafters and then fell into a bucket of garden tools.  Lucky for me, she only broke her leg and survived the fall.  She had the cutest little limp after she healed and it was amazing how she recovered so well.  Crooked leg and all, she loved to cuddle (on her accord) and eat treats.  For some reason pepperoni was one of her favorites.  Teeka was with me through the past 15 years of my life and was a very well-traveled kitty.  She lived in 6 different homes over the years and ended up being a pretty good car rider.  Although we’d get a ton of strange looks since she rode on my lap in the front seat.

Two years ago she was diagnosed with diabetes and we helped her manage those with diet and 2 insulin shots per day.  No more treats, pepperoni or tuna for my little kitty but her health was most important.  Where most kitties can stay at home for a few days alone when people go out-of-town, our Teeka would come with us everywhere or get to visit my parents for the time we were away.  I couldn’t have cared for her without them!

This past week we had to say Goodbye to my sweet little kitty Teeka.  She was down to 5 pounds (was 15 when diagnosed with diabetes) and would no longer eat even her most favorite food tuna.  It was heartbreaking one of the hardest things I have ever had to do but the right decision.  I imagine Teeka is in kitty heaven with her leg straighten out, eating all the treats and tuna she wants while laying in the sun outside watching over us.  I loved her very much and will never forget my little kitty Teeka.  She was an amazing part of my life.


2 thoughts on “Goodbye my sweet Teeka

  1. I’m really sorry for Teeka, I also have 2 cats, they are very good company and part of the family…..thanks very much for the following, have a lovely week;)

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