Adorable tiered flower pots

What’s my inspiration?
Once again, Pinterest inspired another great weekend project.  This time, some spray painted terra-cotta pots all stacked up and filled with lovely flowers from my favorite garden center, Gertens.  I went a bit outside the box with the green and purple color scheme, but it looks quite cute with purple pansies, tiny white flowers and spiral grass (my favorite!!).

It was pretty easy to make.  I primed the pots first although I don’t think you would need to.  I then spray painted the top rim of the pot avoiding the base of the pot so I didn’t waste paint.  Using plastic garbage bags and blue painters tape, I just covered the top rim of the pots and spray painted the bottom in the contrasting color.  Lastly, I used a round sponge to put a few white polka dots around the pots for a little extra flair.  So I didn’t use so much dirt, I flipped smaller terra-cotta pots upside down inside the larger pots, rested the next pot on top and then filled with dirt.  Add the lovely flowers of your chosing and you’re done.  Quick, easy, adorable.


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