Happy 5th Anniversary!

WARNING: While I am NOT a sappy or romantic type person, I had to post a little blurb about our FIVE year anniversary 🙂

Five years ago today I was lucky enough to marry my best friend!  We met while working together at Gabes by the Park in St. Paul, Minnesota (we worked there almost 10 years each!).  To this day, I know that working together in a restaurant setting for so many years has helped keep our relationship strong and fun.  We definitely work hard to achieve what we want in life and have a ton of fun along the way.

We did a destination wedding with a small group of 17 family and friends at MonteLago Village Resort in Henderson, Nevada.  The wedding was fantastic and looking back, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  (Just check out their website, the resort is breathtaking).
MonteLago Village  

Since our wedding, we have had an amazing whirlwind of fun.  We have been on many fabulous vacations, moved into a lovely condo on the Mississippi River in St. Paul, received promotions at work, and have amazing family and friends who support us.  Life is good and I am beyond thankful for each day.

When we were married, our “short-term” goal was to buy a cabin by age 30.  For any of you that know us, we work hard to achieve the goals we set.  We both worked 2 jobs for the first 3 years of our marriage to set ourselves up for success.  We were able to reach our “short-term” goal and purchase our quaint cabin on Forest Lake in 2011.
Cabin on Forest Lake 

What’s next?  We are slowly fixing up our cabin which has been a blast.  We have painted, cleaned, fixed the yard, furnished the place, and now…making a dock.  Yes, you heard it right.  We are making a new dock (Extra, Extra! Project in the works!  Blog post to follow!).  And we are soon adding an addition to our family with a French Bulldog we named Burton (He is our anniversary gift to each other.)


It’s been an incredible five years and I know we still have even more amazing adventures to come.  

Thanks for reading my sappy, all about us post…I promise no more until our 10th anniversary!


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