Chalkboard paint: not just for children

Yeah…that’s right, I have painted 3 (yes 3) mirrors with chalkboard paint in the last month. And let
me tell you what, they are adorable. I found the most unique mirror (and inexpensive $24.99) at Home Goods that has cute doors that swing open and shut which look like shutters! While it’s a little more county than the style I lean towards, it’s perfect for a menu board in the kitchen at the cabin.

It started out as a mirror and I simply used chalkboard paint to update its look. I started by trying to tape off everything I didn’t want covered in the paint. That is until my husband nicely suggested I just use a screwdriver to remove the mirror eliminating the need for tape and plastic bags. Not sure why i didn’t think of that myself. Total blond moment. It’s why we are a good team 🙂

I then decorated a mason jar with cute ribbon and feathers, filled it with colorful chalk and whala!! Amazingly cute menu board for my kitchen. Whatcha think?





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