Mini Banana Bread & Lasagna for gifs!

What’s my inspiration?

I have all good intentions when giving gifts.  I think about them way in advance, but then ponder, ponder and ponder what to actually purchase.  My biggest problem, I try so hard to think about the perfect gift that I often put things off until the last minute and then end up getting something that isn’t really that great.  This procrastination is something so outside of my normal routine at work or otherwise.  But with gift giving, procrastination is a bit ingrained in me.  But…I think I may have found a fix that both suits my love of cooking and my lack of ability to make a decision on a gift.  Homemade food!  This is the perfect gift option for those that have everything, hate to cook, or don’t need more stuff.

My first attempt at this gift was a success!  I made 4 mini banana breads and 3 mini lasagnas for my grandparents.  They pack up for the winter and head south to Florida so I thought this might be a nice taste of “home”.  The trick to this gift is finding something that you can make ahead and then freeze.  I cooked the bread and put the lasagna in mini disposable pans and wrapped them in tin foil (I made them mini since it was only feeding 2 people).  What made them really cute though was the packaging.  I used a cute festive ribbon to tie on an adorable card that included cooking instructions (i.e. cook at 350 for 45 minutes).  A little extra touch to make the hand-made gift a little extra special.

Fat Cat Lasagna


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