21 to 31 – Lamp Style

What’s my inspiration?

Rosette lamp shade

I have been hauling around a very unique lamp with a fire engine red, feathered shade since before I was married (my husband gave it to me while we were dating).  The style is very reminiscent of my 20’s – contemporary with a touch of ‘over the top’.  For some reason I kept this lamp around knowing that someday, it would be useful again.  This year, I finally found a home for it in the  bedroom at the cabin.  Of course, it needed a full make over to suit my new, more mature 31-year-old style. (Yes friends, I called my self mature…stop laughing).  A can of blue spray paint, a new lamp shade and some home-made rosettes was all it needed. Oh, and lets not forget rhinestones.  


While the bedroom pillows I made were lucky enough to avoid my bedazzeling tendency’s, this 31-year-old can’t fully escape my 20’s. Bedazzled lamp shade it is.  Plus, don’t you think it is adorable with my bedroom quilt & pillows?

Quilt & Pillows

What you need:

Old Red Feathered Lamp Shade

  • 1 old lamp
  • 1 lamp shade
  • 3 fabric rosettes
  • Rhinestones
  • Hot Glue

What you do:

  • Clean base of lamp
  • Spray paint base of lamp with color of choice
  • Make fabric rosettes (tutorial here)
  • Hot glue fabric rosettes onto lamp shade
  • Whala!
FYI: How to make fabric rosettes

Bedazzled Rosettes


One thought on “21 to 31 – Lamp Style

  1. Wait. Why would you want to redo the Old Red Feathered Lamp Shade? It’s amazing! It looks like a chicken exploded in a cotton candy machine.

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