Ruffles & Fabric Rosettes = Cute Pillows!

What’s my inspiration:

I’m seemingly obsessed with cute decorative pillows.  Ok, I’m totally obsessed with cute decorative pillows.  And really, who cares how much time I spend taking them on and off the bed.  They are totally adorable to look at.  Once again I found some amazing fabric at S&R Harris that would give our dark cabin bedroom some casual flair.  I guess swapping the maroon paint with a shade of green helped too.  And here is the best part; because I made these for our cabin and not our condo, my husband gave me the OK to use ruffles and flowers. A BONUS that would never fly at the condo where we have a much more modern, sleek style.  Plus, I actually did hold back some when making these.  I didn’t bedazzle them with rhinestones (although the lamp shade wasn’t so lucky – post to come later!) 

When putting together my plan for these pillows, I found inspiration on Pinterest then taught myself how to make fabric rosettes (thank you YouTube!).  I stacked them on top of a lovely quilt I made and the bed turned out beautifully if I don’t say so myself.  Whatcha think?

Ruffled Pillow


3 thoughts on “Ruffles & Fabric Rosettes = Cute Pillows!

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