BIG night out at Blacksmith Lounge

C’mon now, let’s be honest.  Who doesn’t love a hole in the wall restaurant?  You know, the Sutter Home wine drinking, pull tab playing, sweatshirt wearing crowd.  You don’t?  Liar.  Everyone loves these places whether it’s for the amazing food or entertainment value alone.  And if you don’t, you are fooling yourself.

We went to this extra classy hole in the wall for dinner last night and it was stellar.  I’m talking low 8 foot ceilings, card table like seating and waitresses who took our food order and made our drinks herself.  They even had those amazing paper placements with local advertisements showcasing everything from plumbers to septic system maintenance (Ewww!).  Paper Placement

Not dive enough for you yet?  Just wait, there is more.  Our dinners (around $12 each) came with a salad and choice of potato.  Not sure what it is about a good dive, but for some reason a cold lettuce salad with 1 slice of cucumber and ranch dressing tastes so amazing.  Oh, and this place didn’t serve croutons on the salad, there were several delicious yellow gold-fish crackers swimming on top.  And believe it or not, this experience got even better.  My hubby ordered a Miller Litefrom the waitress.  At the same time a woman walked by, overheard the order, and pulled that requested miller lite out of the 6 pack she just happened to have in her hand.  She was wearing a tie died t-shirt and denim overalls embellished with a Green Bay Packer patch.  You guessed it, she ran the off sale liquor store attached to this fine establishment (yes, seriously).

Sirloin Tips

The entertainment value alone was almost as good as the food.  Chris had sirloin tips with onions, mushrooms, green peppers and the red potatoes while I scarfed down the hand battered cod with hash browns.  Sounds like a simple meal, but I’m telling you, it was all sorts of fantastic.  It was classic dive food that was beyondCod delicious.  AHH, I almost forgot.  Guess what they served with the check?  Not only was it one of those yummy after dinner mints, it was coated in chocolate.  YUM!  I am totally going to make those sometime.

I make fun of the experience, but it was all part of a good time for this city girl.  I loved every minute of it and can’t wait to go back.  It was amazing.

Oh, where were we?  Blacksmith Lounge in Hugo – 5 star for sure!

Sorry these pictures are crap.  It was dark in there, of course. 

Chocolate Covered Dinner Mints


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