WAKE UP with Mulvadi Hawaiian Kona Coffee

I sure do love my coffee in the morning.  I’m not overly picky when it comes to coffee other than hating the yucky stuff at work.  I’ll take Caribou or Starbucks brand any day over that gasoline.  But don’t get me wrong, I’ll truly drink anything in desperation.  Anyhow, Chris’s co-worker was kind enough to bring us some Mulvadi 100% Kona Coffee from Hawaii.  How nice is that?  Let me tell you what, this stuff is amazing.  It’s the tastiest coffee I have had in a long time outside of a fatty, sugary mocha.  This stuff is truly delicious and I want to make sure and remember this one.  It’s spendy for coffee at $19.99/lb and you can only order it online.  The shipping will get you t00 but this is a good one for a special treat.


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