Cabin Quilting begins…

What’s my inspiration?

I spent some of my time as a little girl in the fabric store my parents owned.  My mom is an AMAZING sewer and quite the perfectionist.  But…I am a bit on the impatient side when it comes to sewing.  I want to buy the fabric and have the quilt instantly done.  I just want to be able to say, yup, I totally made that!

This time around, I wasn’t going to take my typical approach to quilting; buy a bunch of random fabric, have no measurements and no absolutely no plan.  I usually start to cut, sew and pray to the quilt Gods that I have enough fabric to complete the project and not totally trash it.  If I don’t have enough fabric, I usually just make a smaller quilt 🙂

This time, I’m doing it the right way thanks to my mom.  She made me a pattern which told me how much to buy, how many squares to cut, what size AND even went to SR Harris with me to ensure I didn’t by all the wrong stuff.  Guess what happened, I actually cut and sewed all 120 squares together and didn’t screw up once!  There were no mishaps, no need to remove stitches, nothing!  IN YOUR FACE quilting Gods.

I may be a little overzealous by posting this before I actually finish something.  But who cares.  Up next…finishing the back, adding the quilt batting and the binding.


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