Vintage Chair Rehapolstered

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Here we go again, another project for the cabin done on the cheep!  I have had this chair as long as I can remember.  Growing up, my mom rehapolstered it in a hot pink, teal and purple fabric that matched my teal bedroom walls perfectly!  If I remember right, the frame was gold too…ooohhh!  Since then, I have rehapolstered it 2 more times and each time looks better than the last.

I had leftover fabric from some pillows I covered recently so I just used that.  I spent about $10 on the fabric and it covered 2 pillows, this chair and I still have a little left (Yes, the pillows are above in the picture).

Rehapolstering a chair seems like it could be a hard task.  And yes, depending on the complexity, it can be.  But something like this is really easy to re-do.  The most simplistic way to complete it, is to disassemble the existing chair and carefully remove the old fabric.  You can then use that old fabric as a pattern to cut out the new fabric.

Simply use a staple gun to attach it back to the wood base and back.  For this type of char, the back is exposed, so I needed to cut a round circle, finish the edges and use upholstery tacks to attach it.  And…DONE!


One thought on “Vintage Chair Rehapolstered

  1. Very cute, love the silver finish with the fabric. I can still picture that chair in your VERY TEAL bedroom with the gold handprints of you and your friends on the wall. Remember those?

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