Outdoor Lamps Redone

What’s my inspiration?

I’m always on the look out for something that can be redone on the cheep.  I loved the vintage look of these lamps on the cabin, but they were D.I.R.T.Y.  Instead of spending a bunch of cash on new ones, I painted them fire engine red.  I’m sure the neighbors wondered what the heck I was doing wrapping plastic bags around old lights and spray painting them in my swim suit.  Oh well 🙂  I knew they would be cuter when I was done.  So here they are, let me know what you think!

Before (notice the sweet birds nest)

After (no more birds nest!)

 Total Cost: $6 (primer & paint)

Step 1:
Remove Lamps.  Make sure you turn off all the power to lamps! Otherwise, bzzztttttt!!!!

Step 2:
Clean Lamps with soap and water.  Allow them to fully dry. 

Step 3:
Use plastic bags to cover the parts you don’t want painted and secure with tape. I would have pulled all the pieces apart, but this was much quicker and worked just fine.

Step 4:  
Prime Lamps & allow to dry

Step 5:
My favorite part – spray paint!!  Allow to dry for  several days so the paint doesn’t scratch when you mount them back.

Step 6:
Carefully remove plastic.


Step 7:
Mount lamps back to the house.  Again, make sure all the power is turned off! 


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