Quick & easy appetizer menu

What’s my inspiration?

I was tasked with bringing appetizers to my husband’s family gathering at 3 Bears Resort in Wisconsin.  I needed 3-4 appetizers to satisfy 12 people.  Not too tough of a task for the typical weekend.  However, with 12 people in 1 cabin, a tiny kitchen and horrible food prep utensils, I needed to keep things simple.  Anything I could prep in advance before travel and quickly assemble with minimal effort was the way to go. I ended up with 2 recipes from Kraft and 2 of my own family recipes.

Tips for traveling with food:

  • I brought my own Tupperware containers so I could make the appetizers in those and keep the leftovers without having to clean too many dishes.
  • I typically chop up anything I can at home in advance (vegetables, fruit, etc).  Makes for quick and easy assembly.  I usually chop things up if I am going to use them in the next 2 days.  Otherwise, they get too dried out.
  • Ice, Ice, Ice in the cooler.  Make sure your ingredients stay nice and cold so you don’t get sick!!

Appetizer Menu:
Peach Salsa
Mom’s Avocado & Cream Cheese taco dip
Cream Cheese with Peach Kiwi Salsa
Jalapeño Cream Cheese Bites


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