Pecan Crusted Chicken Salad with Mandarin Oranges and Feta

Source: Melissa’s Kitchen 

What’s my inspiration?

I was really just looking for a fresh, spring friendly salad that wasn’t the same ole’ thing.  I love my pecan-crusted chicken so I thought I would throw it onto a salad with some other favorite things and see how it ended up.  Plus, I wouldn’t just serve a straight up veggie salad for dinner.  If the dish doesn’t have meat of some kind, my husband doesn’t think it qualifies as dinner 🙂 This recipe was delicious and light.  It also made fabulous leftovers for lunch disguised as a wrap!

What you need:


  • Spring green lettuce mix
  • 1 can mandarin oranges
  • 4 oz crumbled feta
  • ¼ cup pecans

Pecan crusted chicken

  • 4 boneless chicken breasts
  • 2 eggs
  • ½ cup breadcrumbs
  • ½ cup pecan meal
  • ¼ cup flour
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Poppy seed dressing


  • If you can’t find pecan meal, put pecans in food processor until they are a fine powder.  Or just finely dice with a  knife.
  • Don’t like poppy seed dressing?  Use raspberry vinaigrette or balsamic.
  • Substitute strawberries or blueberries if you don’t have or like mandarin oranges.
  • Got Leftovers? Make it a wrap!  Grab a tortilla and fill it up with chicken & salad. 
  • Serve this dish with a grilled garlic bread or Texas toast.

What you do:

Prepare Salad:

  • In large serving bowl, toss together lettuce, mandarin oranges, pecans and feta cheese.  Set aside.

Pecan Crusted Chicken:

  • Mix together breadcrumbs and pecan meal.
  • In 3 shallow pans, put flour in one, eggs in one and bread crumb / pecan mixture in the other.  Season flour with salt and pepper.
  • Place each chicken breast between 2 pieces of plastic wrap and seal edges.  Using a meat mallet, pound out the chicken breasts until ¼ to ½ inch thick. The thinner they are, the faster they will cook.
  • One piece at a time, coat chicken in flour, then egg, then in breadcrumb / pecan mixture.  Shake off excess of flour, egg and breadcrumb / pecan mixture as you go.  Set aside until all pieces are done.
  • Cook any of the following ways (Pan frying is the most messy and slightly less healthy.  Baking is the easiest way.):
    • BAKE: Place chicken on a rack on top of a shallow pan or cookie sheet.  Bake chicken at 350 for 20-25 minutes or until cooked through.
    • PAN FRY: Pan fry chicken in 1/8 inch of EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) until cooked through.  About 6-8 minutes per side on medium heat.
    • GRILL: Place chicken on top rack of grill and cook at 300 for 20-30 minutes on indirect heat.  Do NOT cook on bottom rack or nuts will burn.

      Pecan crusted chicken on grill


Serve salad with chicken on the same plate, drizzle with dressing and enjoy!


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