Shabby vs. Chic: kitchen utensil style

Kitchen (pre cleaning & painting)

With the recent addition to our family…yes, the cabin, I am now trying to stock 2 kitchens.  However, this time around, it’s a kitchen on a budget.  Cheap and free is the name of the game, and I’m in it to win it.

First things first…things to cook with.  Obviously, I love cooking since that is the primary focus of this blog.  So, this foodie wanna be needs stuff to actually make a meal with. Lucky for me, I had the foresight to pack away all of my old “single” style kitchen stuff 4 years ago when I got married.  This was a bit of a miracle for me since I tend to toss anything and everything that doesn’t serve an immediate purpose.  All my old stuff was packed away in bins, and bins, and more bins and then kindly handed off to my parents to store in their attic (thank you mom & dad!).  I clearly didn’t have room for all that stuff in my 1000 square foot city condo.  I’m sure my parents thought I was nuts for keeping all that stuff, but hey, I clearly had a long-term vision, a cabin!

I hauled the bins to our cabin and was beyond pumped to pull out plates, bowls, cookie sheets, cutting boards, muffin tins, and a miss-match of silverware (mostly spoons and 2 forks).  Yes, there was some stuff missing so I found a cheap/free solution to that:

  • 8 plastic glasses for the deck: $2.00 total
  • 16 glasses in 2 sizes: $9.90 total
  • Brand new set of pots and pans: FREE – Thank you grandma and grandpa!
  • Brand new set of knifes: FREE – Thank you grandma and grandpa!
While making the change from Wusthof and Waterford to Walmart brand utensils at the cabin, I anticipate some cooking challenges with my new shabby kitchen.  However, challenges and lack of resources tend to foster creativity and innovation.  And for that…I am excited!

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