Clean, clean and clean some more!

Step one in turning our cabin from drab to fab wasn’t even a question.  Clean it, clean it, and clean it again…just in case.  While that statement may make it seem as though we are completely OCD, we are not (well, maybe just a little).  We just don’t like a bunch of stuff lying around with dust bunnies hiding in the corners ready to attack.  Plus, living in a sparkly clean home is way less stressful!

Anyhow, we took a Friday off work and planned to clean the entire weekend.  And boy o’ boy did we!  We stopped at Menards on the way, bought every cleaning supply under the sun, and went to work.  Holy crap did that take a long time.  Now it wasn’t totally terrible, but when no one has lived inside a property for 5 years, things need more than just an average cleaning.  I’m talking hands and knees scrubbing, CLR, Goo Gone, bleach, etc.  Super dusty, rust stained tile, spider webs and a non-working garbage disposal were just a few pleasantries we encountered.  Chris even gave the house and the deck a shower!  At least that is what I called it.  He attached that house and deck cleaning stuff to a hose and sprayed it down. 

We busted our butts 8-10 hours a day for 3 days straight.  For some reason, I thought I could clean AND paint in one weekend.  Not. A. Chance.  But, the place looked FAB after that first weekend and I can’t believe what a little elbow grease does to a place.  Underneath 5 years of dust and grime was a shiny gem of a cabin.  We were beyond exhausted, but it was worth busting it out in 1 weekend.  Up next…paint!


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