It’s…a cabin!

It’s officially, official.   We bought a cabin!  

If you know Chris and I, this is something we have dreamed of since we were engaged, maybe even before that.  We have talked about if forever, dreamed of it, and hoped some day we would be lucky enough to own one.  Why?  Because, cabins are freaking amazing.  What’s not to love?  It’s a mini vacation in a box…on a lake.  With games, boats (well, not us), food, drinks, friends & family.  We have had some of the best times of our lives at cabins.  While we love Love LOVE going to our friends family cabins (and hope to continue those traditions…hint hint), we have always had to wait for an invite.  If we didn’t get one, we were ‘stuck’ at home (I’m not complaining, we love our condo in the city). We wanted to control our own destiny and be able to go to a cabin when we wanted.  So, after many years of tight budgets, paying off debts and working 2 jobs each at times (yes, that is 4 jobs total), we were able to buy our dream.

What’s next?  Projects. Projects. Projects.  When you live in a brand new condo, having an older cabin is a very different experience.  If you don’t know me, I love to just figure things out and, Chris is no different.  We will be cleaning, painting and learning as we go.  Water heaters, furnaces, decks and docks!?  Oh my.  I’m sure we will be making plenty of mistakes along the way as we attempt to take this place from drab to fab.  But it will be totally worth it!  It will probably take years, but I plan to have a blast along the way.  EEEkkkk!  We own a cabin.  SO excited.


14 thoughts on “It’s…a cabin!

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