It’s a cake. It’s a pie. NO! It’s a…pake???

What’s my inspiration:


It’s called the Pummple and it’s from The Flying Monkey Patisserie in Philadelphia.  I originally saw this pie / cake monster on the food network one late night. This wild dessert was right up my alley; challenging, outside the box and an overly time-consuming way to spend my Sunday while my husband was occupied with March Madness (zzzz…..).  I just realized something.  Maybe my husband’s ability to watch endless hours of sports is really a master plan to be fed amazing, ridiculous food like this?  Hmmm, food for thought I guess.  In all fairness, this baking adventure was my idea and just happened to occur during March Madness.

I termed my pie / cake adventure the “pake” for obvious reasons.  I wasn’t overly excited about the pie / cake flavor combo called the “pummple” used at The Flying Monkey, so I dreamed up my own exciting combination: strawberry pie inside yellow cake, banana cream inside chocolate cake and all of it topped with creme fresh frosting.

This was beyond time-consuming which doesn’t bother me.  I was making pies, cakes and frosting from 8am – 6pm (I did take a few breaks for lunch, a trip to Target, etc).  But I figure all in all, I spent a good 6 hours on this dessert.

Overall, the pake ended up being OK…I would give it a C+.  It was edible and I had an amazing time making it, but it needs some improvement.  The middle of the pake sank a bit more than I expected, so I definitely need to make a few tweaks next time around.  Watch for round 2 from me in the near future!


  • Use disposable pie pans when you make the pies.  That way, you can cut off the pan and slide the pie into the cake.  If you use a non-disposable pie pan, you will not be able to remove the full pie without it breaking.
  • I had a hard time finding cake pan large enough to engulf a full pie, so I ended up using 9 1/2 inch disposable pans for the pake.  Next time around, I hope to find a 10 inch pan to use.  The 9 1/2 inch cake pan worked, but was a little tight.
  • I used a full cake mix for both pakes.  Next time, I would use less cake batter on top of the pie.  It took about 80 minutes to bake the “pake”.  The yellow cake still didn’t seem completely done. I think with less batter, it would work better.
  • *I think part of my problem with the pake was my pie choice.  When I cut open the pake, the filling slid out slowly.  Next time, I will choose a more dense pie like pumpkin, etc.

What you need:

  • 2 baked pies (any kind you like)
    • I used strawberry pie & banana cream pie (*see my tip above)
  • 2 cake batters (any kind you like)
    • I used a yellow cake & chocolate cake from scratch.  You can use a boxed cake if you want.
  • 1 double batch of frosting (any kind you like)
    • I used a creme fresh frosting (see recipe below)

What you do:

  • Make 2 pies – set aside until fully cooled

    Strawberry & Banana Cream Pie

  • Pre-heat oven to 375
  • Grease & flour cake pans – set aside
  • Make 1st cake batter
  • Pour cake batter into cake pan until just covered on the bottom
  • Put baked pie on top of cake batter (this part got a little messy)
  • Cover pie with cake batter until just covered (you may not use all of the cake batter)

    cake batter covered pie

  • Bake pake for 60-80 minutes or until cake on top is done  (**next time I will use less batter and bake for less time)

    Pake - Strawberry with Yellow Cake

  • Repeat with 2nd pie / cake combo
    Pake - banana cream with chocolate
  • Let pake’s cool completely
  • Make frosting and assemble!
  • Frost top of 1 pake
  • Stack 2nd pake on top of 1st pake
  • Frost top and sides of double pake and serve!

    Finished Pake!

Creme Fresh Frosting (ingredients below are for a double batch – yields 6 cups)
This frosting is SUPER tasty!

  • 2 cups heavy whipping cream
  • 16 oz sour cream
  • 1 1/2 cups powder sugar
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla extract

What you do for frosting:

  • Combine heavy whipping cream, sour cream, powdered sugar and vanilla.
  • Beat on medium until soft peaks form

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