Steak and sautéed shrimp with grilled asparagus and hollandaise

Source: Melissa’s Kitchen

What’s my inspiration?

Unlike a lot of women, I am not one to obsess or get all worked up over Valentines Day.  ‘Over-rated’ and ‘blah’ are the first words that come to mind.  Regardless of how I feel about this holiday, I do use it as yet another excuse for amazing food.  However, this year I did absolutely no pre-planning for the meal.  We had flown home the night before from Utah, and I had very little food in the house.  I was just going to make plain old enchiladas, which was all the ingredients I had on hand.  But, I just couldn’t do it.  Even though I am not a fan of this Hallmark holiday, my hubby still deserved a nice meal (and so did I!)  I ended up stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work with no plan in mind.  Last minute, unplanned shopping is SO not my forte.  I indecisively wandered around the store and just grabbed what was on sale and looked fresh.  I ended up making steak and shrimp (I know…classically romantic ingredients but that wasn’t my intent).  I did put my own little twist on the preparation which made it quick and easy.  I mean…it was a Monday AND a work night for crying out loud.  I had to simplify it.  I wasn’t going to slave away in the kitchen all night during the week.  My twist on this classic dish was to cook the mushrooms, onion, garlic and shrimp in the same pan verse separately.  I know…HUGE twist huh 🙂  But, I have to say  it turned out to be a solid move.  The ingredients took on the flavors of each other and tasted amazing!  The grilled asparagus with hollandaise wasn’t too shabby either.  And yes, I did enlist my hubbies help to grill the steak and asparagus outside.  It was a balmy 40 degree February day in MN, but still not warm enough for ME to grill.

What you need: (Serves 2)

Steak & Marinade:

  • 16 oz steak (any kind you like)
  • 1 can Coke
  • 1 oz Captain Morgan
  • 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Shrimp Mixture:

  • ½ pound raw shrimp – de-veined and de-shelled
  • EVOO
  • 4 tbls butter
  • 1 small onion – sliced
  • 1 package mushrooms – sliced
  • 1 tablespoon garlic


  • 1 bunch fresh asparagus – ends cut off
  • 1 package hollandaise sauce (McCormick – Make according to package direction but use milk not water! It tastes much better.)

What you do:

**These are instructions for making the entire meal all at once!  Which, is obviously something you do when making a full meal verse 1 item.  Timing is everything.

  • Prep work: Marinate steak in refridgerator 1-24 hours in coke, Captain Morgan and Worcestershire sauce
  • Prep work: de-vein and de-shell shrimp (I usually just buy it this way). Set aside.
  • Prep Work: slice onion, mushrooms and garlic. Set aside.
  • Pre-heat grill to 350
    • Grill steak until desired temperature (remove from heat and let rest 2-3 minutes before slicing)
    • Grill asparagus on top rack until tender.  Do not over-cook or they get stringy.
  • While steak and asparagus are on grill:
    • Start making hollandaise sauce according to package directions.  Keep on low heat until rest of food is cooked.
    • Coat large fry pan in EVOO and add butter.  Melt butter over medium-high heat.
    • Add onions, mushrooms and garlic to EVOO and butter mixture.  Cook until mushrooms and onions are soft.
    • Add shrimp into mixture and cook until pink through.
  • Assemble the meal:
    • Slice steak against the grain and pile on plates.  Pour Shrimp mixture over the steak.
    • Pile asparagus on the plate and drizzle hollandaise over it.



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