Slippers – to wear or not to wear (in public)

A few years back, I watched a friend (who shall remain nameless, Jeanne) carry socks and slippers around in her purse like they were some sort of toy poodle.  She would take public!

her shoes off when she entered my house and put her slippers on.  Why did she do this?  Obviously, it’s because her feet were cold.  Or, as she so politely told me “slippers are classier than socks”.  What!?!?  Slippers are classy?  I admit, I thought this was totally crazy.  I didn’t get it and she knew it.  On the flip side, she thought I was some sort of hippy for running around bare foot year round.  Up until about a year ago, I refused to wear socks or slippers of any kind.  I hated them!  In fact, I never wore socks anywhere besides at the gym or inside my snowboarding boots.  She explained to me her obsession with comfy socks and warm feet.  I still didn’t get it.  I realized her true obsession one night when she came over and forgot her slippers AND her socks.  She asked to borrow some socks and I gave her pair after pair to try on.  At the end of her hunt for the perfect sock in my less than appealing sock drawer, I had 15 pairs of unacceptable socks scattered through my condo and an upset Jeanne with cold feet in a state of panic and confusion.  I still laugh about that night.  It was freaking hilarious watching her literally freak out over bare feet and my unworthy collection of socks.

If someone could get this worked up over a pair of socks, maybe there was something to it?  Maybe, I was the crazy one missing out.  So, I broke down and bought some comfy socks and a pair of $10 slippers from target.  I wanted the “Snooki slippers” but felt $25 for something I wasn’t ready to commit to was too much.  I put on my new cheepo target slippers and wandered around the house.  This wasn’t so bad!  Actually, I liked it. I can’t believe I didn’t know what I was missing out on all this time.  30 years had gone by and

Ugly Sweater Party & Slippers

just now I am getting it?  Crazy. And the worst part?  Guess what I did 2 weeks ago.  I brought my slippers, in my purse, to a friend’s ugly sweater party…and wore them!  Gasp!  I was hesitant but when I walked in the door, the hostess had hers on too. BONUS!  So, this barefoot obsessed, anti-sock/slipper chick now shamelessly totes around her slippers in her purse. Live and learn I guess.  Oh, and to answer my own question – to wear or not to wear (in public)?  Yes, I will give you all the A.O.K to do so.  Personally, if I go to someone’s house and they turn their nose up at my slippers, they probably aren’t someone I want to be friends with anyhow.  It’s like my nameless friend Jeanne said, “Slippers are classier than socks”! Touché.


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