Success Boot Camp was, well, a Success!

I hate going to the gym. The gym and I do not get along and we are not friends. The only things I like about going to the gym is saying that I went and checking into the gym


on Foresquare pretending like I am some sort of workoutaholic. Thankfully, I was blessed with a great metabolism (so far) and an appetite for healthy food. Even though I seriously despise the gym, I do like to stay in shape so I make some attempt to get my butt down to Anytime Fitness. You think it would be easy since we have a membership to the gym in my building. Yes, you read right, the gym is IN my building and I STILL can’t seem to get there 12 days / month (we get $20 off our membership if I do).

Growing up, I got forced into intense workouts since I was a gymnast. During the gymnastics season, we had 3 – hour workouts, 6 days per week. Those types of workouts were different. You had to attend, you had to give it your all every single time, and there was no way out. If you don’t participate, you don’t compete in the meets. At the gym, my motivation level is really low and there is absolutely nothing there pushing me to feel the burn. I am usually bored out of my mind even with my ipod blasting in my ears and the TV set to whatever I can find. Since I clearly love to cook, the TV is usually set to the Food Network, which is the worst idea ever. I mean really, its just stupid because all I think about then is the food I’m going to make for dinner when I get home.


Enough about me despising the gym and on to my new solution. Boot Camps. I may have found something I like that brings me back to my high school sports days. A forced workout where you can’t leave and there is no way out. My friend Jeanne found a deal for Success Boot Camp via Living Social. The deal was $20 for 20 sessions, which is sweet since usually the sessions are $20 each. I went to the first boot camp session with Jeanne and another friend Nina this week. Another “Wannabe” boot camp attendee was supposed to join us but the session filled up to quickly. (Erin – Idea for your next blog post “Wannabe boot camp attendee gets signed up for the class in time and attends boot camp with her friends”).


My biggest worry was what to eat or not eat before or after this workout since it was 7pm-8pm. I didn’t want to pass out from hunger, but I also didn’t want to barf all over the place if the session was really tough. I went with a small turkey sandwich and banana. I’m sure you care about that. Anyhow, this was one of those workouts that hits every muscle and you can push yourself as much (or as little) as you want. The trainer was great and kept us motivated but at the same time didn’t make you feel like a total idiot if you didn’t go ALL out. Would I go back? For sure! I have 19 sessions left and you better believe I will use every last one of them. I do have until they expire in February 2012 to use them. Morals and lessons learned of this long, boring, workout story?  1 – Gather some friends (or not), find something new, and just try it. You might just surprise yourself and like it. 2 – Living Social has sweet deals and you should sign up for email alerts. 3 – Be ready to be SUPER sore the next 2-3 days.  I felt like an old lady that got hit by a truck.  But hey, at least I know it worked!


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