Impromptu Dinner Party

Source: Melissa’s Kitchen
Feeds: 2-4 people

What’s my inspiration?

A couple weekends ago, my husband and I had a low-key weekend.  As many of you know, those seem to be few and far between this time of year.  We ran a bunch of errands and I planned to cook a great dinner at home.  Whenever I cook, I usually make way too much since there are only 2 of us.  So, if we can find a couple friends to come over to enjoy the food, it makes it extra enjoyable.  This particular evening, our friends and fellow Flugtaggers Nik & Erin asked what we were up to.  Sounded to me like a great opportunity for an impromptu dinner party so we invited them over.  Luckily, my self-created recipes all turned out and we had a great time.

Prime Rib Recipe
Scalloped Potatoes Recipe
Roasted Zucchini and Baby Bella Mushrooms


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