Pies and PTO

Some people might think it’s crazy to take a PTO day to bake.  Not me, I love it!  Every year I take off the Wednesday before Thanksgiving to bake pies and sweets for the family gathering.  I shop for everything I need the weekend before so when I wake up, I don’t need to go anywhere.  I walk down to the Caribou in my building, grab a mocha, turn on some bad day time TV and start to bake.  The pies and treats vary a little bit year to year, but I usually make 2-3 classic fall pies and some other treat.  This time around, I made Pecan Crusted Pumpkin Pie, Apple Crumb Pie, Pecan Pie and fall inspired cake pops.  The pies will make the trip down to my family gathering in Hager City Wisconsin this year.  Next year, they will go to Chris’s family in Minneapolis.  While each year the types of pie and our destination may vary, my ‘Pies and PTO day’ will not.


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