Weekend Inspiration!

What’s my inspiration?

My husband Chris had to spend most of his weekend at work to get a project done.  What was my plan?  Cook!  Friday night I made one of my favorite restaurant inspired dishes, blue cheese stuffed shrimp with buffalo sauce (initially inspired by Axels Bonfire and they no longer have them on the menu).  If I can’t have it there, I may as well make it at home!  I served this dish with Stuffed Mushrooms and a baked sweet potato with butter and brown sugar topping.  I had made the buffalo shrimp and sweet potatoes many times before, but the Stuffed Mushrooms were a new recipe.

After a savory dinner Friday night, I needed a sweet treat.  On Saturday, I made the drive down to Red Wing (aka Hager City, Wisconsin) to visit my parents.  I say Red Wing because I grew up there and my parents still don’t fully admit they moved across the river to Hager City, Wisconsin.  My mom made a new recipe she wanted to try, Peanut Butter Caramel Corn.  She had tried it at work when a co-worker brought it in.  This recipe was excellent and a unique take on a sweet, salty treat.  The coating is sweet & chewy and the popcorn and peanuts add crunch.  It’s fully addicting.

I haven’t made it through my favorite day to cook yet, Sunday, but so far, this weekend has been filled with excellent food.  I hope you enjoy these fun recipes!


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