Networking your way to employment – Trust me, it works!

Much to my delight, a co-worker shared the below StarTribune article with me this morning, Professional Pursuits: Success Driven from Solid Connections.  It’s about a recently hired HealthPartners employee. Long story short, job seeker Michaela (@michaelakocon) connected with me on Twitter and said she was looking for employment in Marketing.  My co-worker happened to have a position and I responded to Michaela with a link to the job description.  She applied and is now a HealthPartners employee!

I am proud to have played a small part in Michaela’s job search and happy to have connections with people like Kate-Madonna (aka @Girlmeetsgeek) who initially referred Michaela to me (again, via Twitter).  I truly feel that my job is to network and connect people where I can regardless of the medium I am using.  I hope this provides a little bit of inspiration for those currently in the job market.  Take a few of Michaela’s tips below and stay positive!

Professional Pursuits: Success Driven from Solid Connections

By Kate-Madonna Hindes, Star Tribune Sales and Marketing

Michaela Kocon was on a mission to achieve her goal of securing a better job and higher pay, which in today’s economy looks daunting. Her positive outlook, passion and preparation directly led to success in landing a job in the marketing department of HealthPartners. Kocon, a first-year student with a limited network landed a coveted position simply because she asked for other’s help.

Kocon prepared for her success by making a “goals worksheet,” outlining what needed to be done and what she might need assistance with. Success must be planned for. Kocon used the following methods to secure a job at her targeted company.

Social media and branding. Kocon understood the importance of networking online and following up with networking contacts offline. She noted: “The hardest part about social media is the time commitment.” Kocon recognized that time management was important and used several methods to avoid being overwhelmed. A great rule of thumb job seekers can apply is 15/3. Spend 15 minutes a day on three social networks. In 45 minutes, you’ll have new friends, an updated profile and if done correctly, dates to meet for in-person networking and interviews.

Ask for the “in.” Kocon knew that HealthPartners had an opening in its marketing department. Instead of just sending a résumé over, she asked Melissa Aune, a HealthPartners recruiter who frequently uses Twitter, for a referral into the company. Kocon was able to market herself using social media and HealthPartners took notice.

Believe in what you’re going for. Kocon did research on the company before hand and knew the culture, mission statement and identity. Michaela knew, because of her limited network and on-the-job experience she would truly need to look for partners in her career search. Kocon happily exclaimed, “I know that my due diligence with social media and networking was well worth it – that is the best feeling in the world.”

When asked how her own confidence in herself played a role, Kocon smiled and replied, “I very much care about my career. I wasn’t going to settle for anything less than what I knew I would enjoy and be passionate about.”

Looking for a job?  Consider employment at HealthPartners:


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