Red Bull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 13

Flugtag Hanger day!

The last 2 days of our Red Bull Flugtag adventure were an absolute whirlwind of fun. On Friday before the event, our day started at 6:30am when Jackie, Erin and I went over to Harriet Island to watch one of the local news stations send their test Flugtag off the launching deck.  A huge stack of pancakes was hurled off into the Mississippi and did a nosedive straight into the water. A sign of things to come the following day? Perhaps!

Throughout Friday, 36 Flugtag teams were loaded into the “Hanger” where they would be on display the following day.  To transport our Jetson’s craft, we loaded it onto a borrowed snowmobile flat and made the trek from Roseville to St. Paul down Rice Street and through downtown St. Paul. The girls followed the boys down there and were able to take video of the entire trip.  The looks we got were priceless as people saw the fluorescent green craft roll by and heard us yell “Fluuuug-taaaag” as loud as we could out the windows.

When we arrived, we signed release forms and moved the craft into our spot.  We were finally able to get a view of our competition.  I was absolutely amazed at the creativity and the talent it took to build some of these crafts.  We were told that only light assembly was allowed on-site, but there were definitely teams doing full on construction.  Including…the Dirty Dixie’s who needed a crane to lift their craft on top of the pier they made.  Hmm…not exactly “light” assembly.  We covered our craft with leftover boat shrink-wrap and put steaks into the ground to hold it down.  At the very last minute, Chris got some heavy-duty steaks from the Red Bull crew to add additional protection to our craft (which would easily take off on its own with the right amount of wind).

After all the Flugtag crafts were loaded in and tied down, there was a meeting to review the rules and then a team BBQ.  We were also allowed to go up on the 30-foot launching pad and get a feel for our adventure to come the next day.  It was truly amazing what Red Bull built.  The work and effort that went into everything by the crew is something they should be proud of and was beyond impressive.

We left Harriet Island to practice our dance a few times, ate some dinner and headed home to try and get a good night sleep.  Storms rolled in that same night and which had 70 mph winds, thunder and lightning.  I had nightmares about our craft blowing away, rain ruining the event and no one showing up to see all of our hard work.  Luckily…that was not the case and the following day was something that our team and myself will never forget!


7 thoughts on “Red Bull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 13

  1. Loved your video! All those long hours of work – imagine a lot of the time it was more fun than work just anticipating the outcome. What a GREAT memory! Aunt Jo

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