RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 11

Twin Cities Event Details

The countdown is on and I am getting super excited.  We have started getting some questions from friends and family who are attending the event.  Below are all the details of the event provided by Red Bull.  Looks like the park on the St. Paul side of the river could be a good place to watch the event.  However, be warned that you may not get to see the skits from that side of the river.  Our skit will be facing the audience on Harriet Island.  They will be broadcasting up on a big screen, however, I am not certain where you will be able to see that from.  The safe bet…get there early and get a good spot on the Harriet Island side.  A couple key things from all the info below….FREE admission, shuttles to event, vendors with food and beer, CASH only, NO coolers (Boo!), and no weapons (duh).  Miami Flugtag was today and they had over 80,000 fans!  I’m certain Twin Cities peeps will show up in full force…this event is just the kind of thing us Minnesota’s people enjoy.  Hope to see you there watching us attempt to soar!

When & Where
Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities will take flight at Harriet Island on Saturday July 24, 2010. Gates open at 11a.m. with the first flight departing at 1pm.  Final flight will take off at about 3:30pm and will be immediately followed by an Awards Ceremony.

Location Details
Harriet Island, Saint Paul
75 W Water St, St Paul, MN 55107

Follow the directions below to get to Harriet Island:
From the West: Take I-94 eastbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.

From the East: Take I-94 westbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.

From the North: Take 35E southbound to St. Paul to Hwy 52 south. Follow Hwy 52 south to the Plato Blvd exit. Turn west (right) onto Plato Blvd.

From the South: Take 35E northbound, take the Kellogg Blvd exit. Go right on Kellogg Blvd and follow to Wabasha Street. Go right onto Wabasha Street to go over the bridge.

Flugtag Launch info:
The Hangar will be on the right side of the site near the Minnesota Centennial Steamboat.

The Flight deck will come out from the land right in front of the Minnesota Centennial Steamboat, then turn 90 degrees to the left so flight will be upstream.

The main crowd will be on the Harriet Island side.

The water-take-out area will be at the steps near the Pavilion.

Entry Fee?
Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities is 100% FREE to the public and open to all ages.

Can I watch from my boat?
Yes, you can watch from your boat, but your location will be restricted until the beginning of the event. Please stay outside the buoy lines marking the flight path for our Red Bull Flugtag flying crafts.

Will I be able to hear everything from my boat?
Yes!  Tune into FM Broadcast 87.9 (subject to change).

Will there be road closures?
Currently no road closures are scheduled for the event.

What you can expect on site?
There will be food, and beverage vendors stationed around the event site. The event is open seating, so get there early to reserve a spot. No smoking or outside coolers allowed!

Where is the ADA seating?
ADA seating is located on the riverfront pathway, just west of the Flight Deck.

Will credit/debit cards be accepted?
No, Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities is a cash only event!  Please plan accordingly.

Are there ATM Machines on site?
Yes, for your convenience we will have 2 ATM Machines on site.

What can you bring to Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities?
NOTE: Guests and their belongings are subject to search on event site. Please return for any additions or amendments.
• Blankets
• Umbrellas (small hand-held style)
• Baby Strollers
• Portable/collapsible chair
• Regular-size/unframed backpacks
• Sealed water bottles
• Empty Camelpak or other empty plastic container (ie, Nalgene bottle)
• No large bags allowed.
• Binoculars
• Personal camera equipment

What you CAN NOT bring to Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities?
• Weapons of any kind
• Framed or large backpacks
• Alcohol
• Glass containers
• Cans
• Food
• Pets or animals
• Tents
• No illegal vending is permitted.

Will Alcohol be served?
Yes, Summit and Grain Belt Premium beers will be served at Red Bull Flugtag Twin Cities.

Where do I park?
There are several parking lots located on Harriet Island along Water Street and Plato Boulevard, but expect them to fill up fast!  You can also park in downtown St. Paul and take the shuttle.

What is the shuttle route and times?
The shuttle will run continuously beginning at 10am and ending at 6pm.  You can catch the shuttle at Wabasha St. and Kellogg Blvd., Wabasha St. and 7th St., and Kellogg Blvd., across from the Xcel Energy Center.

How do I get there if I’m not driving?
For transit directions please check out:

If you are dropped off in downtown St Paul or taking transit to downtown St. Paul, it’s only a short walk over the bridge to Harriet Island or you can take the FREE Shuttle!


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