Red Bull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 10

Gold Wheels, I think YES!

The Flugtag building has continued and it has progressively been more fun.  We have efficiently gone from parts lying around on the ground to an actually craft which may fly (that wishful thinking is for you Erin!).  We have the entire frame glued together and it seems secure.  Additionally, Chris, Nik and Nik’s dad Joe worked hard to put some extra PVC support beams in place.  We wrapped the edges in PVC foam to help smooth over all the joints so when we cover the craft, it doesn’t look so boney.  The next step was the wheels.

Jackie’s mom lives in Hudson and was able to pick up 3 bike wheels and 3 forks from the “Bike Guy” who refurbishes old bikes. Best part, it was 10 bucks!!  Keeping the cost low is key since all the supplies are adding up fast.  The boys got the bike tires and forks connected to the PVC and Joe helped us weld them on for additional support.  Then came the extra fun part.  Yes, gold spray paint.  We painted the wheels (tires and all), metallic gold.  It was the obvious choice of color to start getting the craft all decked out.  I have to say, it is looking amazing.

Later this week…dance mania!  We are beyond lucky to have Michelle from Larkin Dance Studio choreographing our routine.  We will dance to the beat of a sweet Jetsons theme song remix, which she also helped with.  Wish us luck with the dance…we will need it!


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