Red Bull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 8

The building has continued and we have made some major progress.  We are feeling good about where we are at, and what we have done. This past weekend, we finished cutting all the PVC and put everything together to ensure it fit together correctly before we glued it together.  Additionally, we finally got to meet Danielle who is the Red Bull Flugtag rep.

Free Red Bull!

She stopped by our build site to check progress and answer questions.  She also brought us 3 free cases of Red Bull!  I know…AWESOME! The 72 cans of Red Bull will for sure to keep us going through the next month of our busy build schedule, thanks Danielle!

To finish the main structure, we used well over 300 feet of PVC, which was cut into over 150 pieces.  To make the actual structure, we used more than 100 connectors including slip T’s, 45 & 22 degree angles, t-joints, 4 way and 5 way connectors.  After we had it put together, we had to pull it all apart in some sort of logical order, primer the pieces and glue it back together.  We had to keep in mind the angles in which we were gluing so when the large pieces were assembled…it fit.  Just 1 inaccurate glue incident, could have caused major re-work.  Luckily, we clearly marked everything and were able to get it all put together.

I have to admit, I am impressed with the outcome so far.  The wings actually move from our “show” structure to our “flight” structure.  It’s pretty awesome considering we don’t have any sort of construction or engineering skills.  Or, at least we think so!

Flugtag Frame


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