Spring Flower Baskets

I’m not much of a green thumb (yet), but I’ll chalk that up to living in condos the past 8 years.  Or, at least I tell myself that’s the reason for my lack of talent in this area.  Since I have lived in condos, I have had minimal space to garden.  Regardless, I did plant some hanging baskets and planters for my deck.  Since I have a West facing deck, we get full sun the 2nd half of the day. I purchased plants and flowers that would work in sun to part shade. We will see how it goes but so far, they are looking good!

Thanks to my mom for helping me choose flowers last year!  This year I just followed her same advice!

What I used:
Fiber Optic Grass – Isolepis cernua
Dracaena Spikes – Dracaena indivisa
Spiralis Corkscrew Rush – Juncus effusus
Mezoo Trailing Red – Dorotheanus
Margarita Purple – Osteospermum
Dahlinova Colorado
Gerbera Daily – Gerbera jamesonii
Red Petunia
Delta Blue Blotch Pansy
Crystal Clear White Alyssum


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