RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 7

The Building Begins!

Flugtag? No. Truck frame.

We did it – we finally started building the Flugtag last weekend.  And let me tell you, we had a total blast!

Sweet Ride...

NW’s dad and step mom are nice enough to let us invade their space in St. Paul.

He has a huge backyard and pole barn they call “Wagner Automotive” where he re-models amazing vintage cars.  An added bonus is the 2 adorable boxers (Louie and Star) that hung out while we built.

Wagner Automotive

We bought 300 feet of PVC pipe at Menards and over 100 connectors to start.

Algebra skills, check.

CA and EH get MAJOR props for doing all the mathematical calculations to figure out the cuts we needed for the PVC.

I'm no help...

Thinking about those calculations is enough to give me a headache. I stand strong on doing the picture-taking, videography and blogging, aka “communications”.



We had all the measurements and started cutting PVC.  Who knew that would be so fun!?

Table saw awesomeness!

EH and I had on amazingly appropriate work outfits which included cute flats and/or flip-flops, I’m sure my dad is proud!  We worked Friday night and through the thunderstorm Saturday.  Surprisingly, we ended up getting a ton accomplished…way more than anticipated.  We have the majority of the PVC cuts done which includes the wings and body of the Flugtag – the Jetsons ship!

Our Wing!

Up next…a Memorial Day building adventure after a fantastic weekend away on Mile Lacs Lake with the friends.  Until next time!

Who's in there?!?


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