RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 5

Team Meetings – aka, Team Funfest 2


We had our 2nd team meeting at Barnes and Nobel.  I seriously thought this was a good idea…but we were way to energetic to be in a quiet bookstore.  Everywhere we went, we seemed to get glaring stares from people studying.  I don’t know why, we weren’t laughing out loud or being

NW showing CA how it's going to fly...

obnoxious at all [insert sarcasm].  We were doing “research”, finishing our build schedule and finalizing our material list.  And of course, we took a few photos to prove it.  That was probably the part where we got the most stares but who really cares anyhow.  We were having a great time!  Plus, we actually got done what we needed to accomplish.  We even figured out how much PVC pipe to buy thanks to EH and JB’s amazing mathematical capabilities.  CA, NW and I sure were no help with that.  Now….we are READY to shop and build!  Can’t wait to get this Flugtag started!

Check it out – we did TONS of research!

Hulk like strength!

Milestones of Aviation


Avoiding Common Pilot Errors - for our Pilot!!

Rocket Science

Sewing for Dummies...Whos Sweet Bootie is that?


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