RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 4

Team Meetings

Flugtag Meeting @ Gabes Roadhouse

First of all, team “meetings” have been a blast!  They shouldn’t be called meetings.  I think team funfest works better.  The girls end up spending most of the time laughing and taking the dumbest photos we can (pictures are very important business, seriously).  And the boys spend time strategizing about building the Flugtag so it isn’t a 30-foot flying death trap.

Flugtag Meeting @ Gabes Roadhouse

We had our 1st team funfest last week on by Birthday at Gabes Roadhouse in St. Paul.  (BTW – they have great food and a free twins shuttle for games.  You just need to buy a drink at the bar…and, you can take it on the bus!)  At this 1st funfest, we just had to complete the fact sheet and sign our media release forms.  Sounds easy, but we can’t just simply answer the questions.  We spent most of the time looking up Flugtag videos on YouTube, talking to the Gabes owners and staff and of course, photo documenting it all.  But don’t worry, we did get done what we needed to finish and of course had an amazing time doing it.  Here is just a little taste from our team fact sheet.  Yes…FACT sheet:

RedBull Flugtag asks: Anything else we should know? (YES – Thank you for asking!)

  • Nik once killed 2 stones with 1 bird
  • Chris’s belly button is also a power outlet
  • Erin is not afraid of the dark, the dark is afraid of her
  • Melissa can blow bubbles with beef jerky
  • Jackie can touch MC Hammer

WARNING to the other Flugtag teams – we are in this to win this!  And…we are watching you!


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