RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 1

This past month, my friends and I tried out for RedBull Flugtag – and the spoiler, WE MADE IT!  I’ll be blogging about this adventure of a lifetime as we make our way through this process.  The event takes place July 24th, 2010 on Harriet Island in St. Paul! Hope to see you there!

The brains behind trying out for RedBull Flugtag was our friend EH.  We, meaning our team, all met her while working at Gabes by the Park in St. Paul (now Gabes Roadhouse).  We have been good friends for quite a few years now.  Anyhow…we were all bartending at Gabes St. Patrick’s Day tent party and Red Bull had their Flugtag statue on display in the tent.  We started talking…we made a plan.  We were trying out for sure!

Team Name: St. Paul Sprocket Rockets

Theme: The Jetsons

The Team:
NW as George
CA as his boy Elroy
MA as daughter Judy
EH as Jane his wife
JB as Rosie the maid
**More to come on how we all know each other in a later blog post!

My hubby CA and I had EH & NW over for dinner to discuss the application.  We drank some RedBull and threw out tons of ideas.  The best one though, was the first idea that EH “brought” over with her, the Jetsons theme…LOVE IT!  It’s original, has fun characters, we can make replica costumes, and they have a spaceship “car” that would make the perfect Flugtag!

The next week EH came over for dinner and we completed the application process, which consisted of Q&A about the team, our life and our idea.  We wanted the application to be witty, creative and show them why they would want us in the competition.  We focused on some key things: We LOVE St. Paul, have over 40 years combined bartending / serving experience and have mad love for RedBull!

In the mean time, we were also planning our video application which was an optional add on.  We took short clips of each of us doing different & slightly odd things.  NW is riding some sort of “motorcycle” in cut off jean shorts, a wife beater, black socks and cowboy hat; CA is drinking on a chairlift; MA is riding an amazing vintage tractor (thanks uncle Jerry); EH on a crazy, home made, un-motorized go-cart and JB is riding a tank like a bull rider.  The video is set to the Jetsons theme song followed by some fun pictures of us through the years.  BTW – I used imovie on my MAC to make this video.  First time doing this and imovie is amazing and super user friendly!

We had the application finished, the video uploaded to YouTube and we hit SUBMIT!!  Anxious and excited don’t begin to describe how we were feeling at that time.  But, we knew we did our best to try and get our application accepted! And then all we could do was wait!  Stay tuned for more on our RedBull FlugTag Adventure of a lifetime!

Check out our application video:

Check out our Flugtag Sketch:

Our Flugtag Sketch


5 thoughts on “RedBull Flugtag, Adventure of a Lifetime – Part 1

  1. This is so cool, I’ll definitely follow to see the rest of the process. Good luck to you and your peeps!

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