TwinCitiesChick Aspirations

There are a lot of things I aspire to do and be in life.  I am up to try anything once and welcome failure.  In my opinion, you often learn more from failure in life than from success.  Beyond the things I want to accomplish in my career, I aspire to be a gourmet cook (or at least a really good one), a wine connoisseur, a seamstress, an interior decorator, and maybe someday, a reality TV star (Dear Amazing Race, I’m available!)  Anyhow, I plan to document my success, attempts and failures.  I’m not afraid to share my mistakes or make fun of myself.  In fact, I quite enjoy making people laugh even when at my own expense.  I’ll introduce some of my friends and family along the way…friends, don’t say I didn’t warn you!  Oh, and the “TwinCitesChick” part, because I love Minnesota & I love the Twin Cities.  If I had to choose between the 2 Twin Cities…sorry Minneapolis, St. Paul is my world.



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