Hello Twin Cities!

Hello Twin Cities!  About me?  Here are 25 things to help give you a better idea.  I plan to blog about some of them, all of them or maybe none of them!  Most posts will be about my cooking adventures, life, and some of the things in between.

  1. My parents taught me a lot about life
  2. Hard work pays off
  3. I love being married
  4. I aspire to be a gourmet cook
  5. Family & friends are very important to me
  6. Love to laugh
  7. I enjoy working and love my job
  8. Spelling is not one of my strengths
  9. Falling down will always be funny
  10. Hockey is my favorite sport to watch
  11. Getting married on Lake Las Vegas was the best decision
  12. My parents owned a fabric store when I was younger
  13. I’m from Red Wing
  14. My brother hasn’t lived in MN for since 2000 and I miss him
  15. Major interest in real estate – I have owned 3 different properties, so far
  16. Antique shopping is super fun
  17. I have a goal to buy a cabin on a lake
  18. I enjoy sewing but wish I were better
  19. I worked as a server for 8 years
  20. Organization is an absolute must in my life at home and work
  21. My husband does my laundry, I’m super lucky
  22. I wish I would have learned more about fixing cars from my dad
  23. Having a strict budget is key to financial success
  24. I love going out to eat at new places and trying new things
  25. I am very intuitive

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